CAM Academy Parents - (CAP)

CAM Academy Parents- CAP

Our goals are to support the students and CAM Academy.  We do this in a myriad of ways; from sponsoring fun student activities to providing equipment for the school.  

If you have an idea or suggestion that would benefit the school, please feel free to drop us a note in the CAP box (at the bistro) or send us an email.

2017-2018 Accomplishments

This year, CAP has paid for a new fridge for the Bistro, prizes for PAWS, ice cream for the social, popcorn, hot chocolate/cider, and candy for the student surprise days, snacks for the office (forgotten lunches), pizza and donuts for the Watch Dog kick offs, prizes for the winter wear drive, and put on the Family Game Night.  Funds have been contributed to eighth grade recognition and high school graduation.  CAP also subsidized the G6 Jump day in March! CAP provided prizes for the high school speech competition and individual white boards for the fifth grade classrooms. Funds were also used to buy art, music, and health books for the CAM library. Recently, CAP contributed funds for the fun activities at the end of year field day.

2016-2017 Accomplishments 

CAP is pleased to support the following:

*Furnished ice cream, toppings, etc. for CAM Ice Cream Social
*Organized and subsidized cost of CAM’s Thanksgiving Feast
*Student Surprise Days-Our kids rock!  They work so hard at CAM and deserve a surprise treat every once in awhile.
*Family Game Night
*CAM Day at G6
*CAP donates non-perishables (granola bars, crackers, etc) for children who forget their lunch, etc.
*Pizza Coupons for character recognition
*PBIS Prizes: Pizza coupons, DQ gift cards ($20), movie tickets ($156), spirit wear
*Library - ordered new books
*Teacher appreciation
*Prizes for Box Top winners
*Recess: 3 bouncy balls $32
*Items purchased through Labels for Education: 4 footballs, 6 volleyballs, 6 basketballs, 6 soccer balls, 4 tetherballs.

Teacher/Class Grants


Third Grade

-$52.57 - 2 soccer balls, 2 bouncy balls, 1 basketball


Fifth Grade

-$300-cost of bus for OMSI field trip, submitted by Mrs. Karlsen

Sixth Grade

-$495-Student lunches at Taste of Asia ($8.25 per student) during LangSu Chinese Garden field trip, submitted by Mrs. Mills

-$100 Mr. Murry-  SD cards for 2 new cameras, 5 gyroscopes for science, one Newton's cradle for science

Eighth Grade

-$500 for eighth grade celebration


-$200 National Honor Society, submitted by Ryann Campbell

-$116 Photography Books, submitted by Diane Harpe

- $500 for the high school baccalaureate and $500 for Grad night

Fundraiser Earnings:

Payback Books: $5710.00

Fred Meyers: $967.06

Amazon Smile:$234.39

Box Tops: $453.70

Spirit Wear:$126.97

Thank you for supporting our students at CAM!

What CAP accomplished in past years:

  • Keurig machine for the teachers' lounge
  • Assisted in purchasing new refrigerator for the commons- to help facilitate food service in 2016
  • Added paved walkway in front of CAM
  • Purchased headphones for 5th grade chrome books
  • Repaired and Improved tether ball court      
  • New picnic table ordered
  • New lighting for the front entrance of CAM
  • 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th grade field trips funded
  • 6th grade received science tables
  • High School received desired subscriptions
  • Printer and scanner for new computer lab
  • Microwaves for commons
  • Musical instruments for primary grades
  • Calculators for middle school math
  • Cameras for yearbook
  • Eighth grade recognition
  • Staff appreciation week 

This could only have been accomplished with the help of our parents! Thank you!